This might by the Best Tenerife Travel Guide that you will find. I show you my
top 11 things to do on Tenerife Island. Los Gigantes, Natural Pools, Snorkeling with Sea Turtles, Siam Park, Masca, Finca Las Margaritas Banana Experience, Teide National Park,
Cueva Del Viento, San Cristobal De La Laguna, The path of senses and hiking the anaga rural park. Follow me on this Tenerife Canary Island Travel Guide Vlog to get inspiration about those things to do. So when you visit Tenerife you will already know the Tenerife highlights and attractions. Come travel Tenerife with me, enjoy the Canary Island adventures and plan your Tenerife holiday.

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0:00 – Intro
00:37 – About Tenerife
01:40 – How To Get Around
02:28 – Where To Stay
03:00 – Apartment Tour
03:54 – Los Gigantes
04:30 – Natural Pools
05:10 – Teide National Park
07:12 – Sea Turtle Snorkeling
08:09 – Las Margaritas Banana Experience
09:28 – Siam Park
10:34 – Cueva Del Viento
11:35 – Drago Milenario
11:55 – Masca
12:53 – La Laguna
13:30 – Path Of Senses
14:11 – Anaga Mountain Hike
14:50 – Outro