Watch this before you go to Singapore! Singapore, often referred to as “The Garden City” is known for its clean and green environment, efficient public transportation system including one of the best airports in the world, and diverse and delicious food culture. Singapore is a major financial and commercial shipping hub, with a strong economy and a high standard of living with plenty of amazing world class tourist attractions.

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00:00 1. Singapore Background
00:51 2. Orientation
03:11 3. Getting In to Singapore
07:01 4. Getting Around Singapore
10:34 5. Weather in Singapore
13:17 6. Money in Singapore
15:34 7. Food in Singapore
19:51 8. Shopping in Singapore
21:03 9. Hotels in Singapore
22:03 10. Language in Singapore
23:43 11. Laws
25:16 12. Power
25:55 13. Casinos
27:04 14. Toilets
28:13 15. Things to Do in Singapore

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